Photo Gallery Updated

There is a new Photo Gallery with over 28.000 images. Now it is even more easy to search for places and plants. Its divided by continent and it shows even a map of the places I visited (in the digital time!) Have a look here.

It also will show the plant name, location and altitude below it.

Hope you enjoy it.

Scrape Map, an unique map for every globetrotter!!!

Have you travelled to many places and countries all over the world?

Since a few months there is the first world “Scrape Map” available on which you can mark all the places you have visited. Its is a trendy map with lots of color and detailed information.

The Scrape Map is a unique and luxurious large world map poster with a layer to scrape off the places you’ve visited. Re-live your travel memories. The deluxe Scrape Map cannot be compared with any other Map. Besides the unique design it contains a lot of special details: Shining magnifying glasses that reveal exotic places, tropical postcards with a zoom of small islands, a personal bucket list, travel stamps and shining polaroid travel pictures. Not only city names will come out after you scrape off the layer, also small drawings and famous icon landmarks will appear. There’s s just so many to reveal on this map, you have to discover it for yourself, we won’t tip all the scales…

Features of the Scrape Map World Edition DELUXE

  • XL size: 91,5 cm x 61 cm (fits standard frames)
  • High quality card with scratch-resistant matte laminate
  • Full color map covered with Silver / Grey scrape off Layer
  • Additional special shine effects
  • The map comes wrapped in silk paper in a decorated gift tube
  • Made in the Netherlands

Just grab a coin………and start scraping!  Whether you’re 8 or 80, this is the ultimate gift for every globetrotter!

Are you interested? Check the Scrape Map website.  (


Socotra Tour cancelled

Due to problems in the Middle East I have decided to cancel my planned trip to Socotra Archipelago. I hope to run this tour in the future when it is more safe in this particular area of the world. I am very sorry for the group members as they all really wanted to visit this unique Island.

Botanical Tour to South Peru

You can sign in now for a very special botanical tour. This time I will lead a tour to the South of Peru. A new area not many people have botainised. We will not look for plants only, but there will be also enough opportunities to visit some famous Inca treasures as well.

(update May 2014: Tour was a great success)

Information about special Books & Articles now available

I have added to my website a new section in which you can see how some special books look like and what kind of information can be found in it. Some of the pages are scanned in so you have a better idea about the layout. It is also possible to download a Pdf of some scanned pages. Next to that there is information about writer, publisher, colour images, price etc. Hope it will help you in some way.