I am regular lecturer at conferences and Study Weekends in Holland, Germany, England, Scotland, Ireland, Sweden, New Zealand, USA and Canada.

Here you can find some lecture topics, but are you looking for something else and it is not here in the list, just ask me and I will put the customized lecture together you want.

All lectures are with digital images and you have to provide a digital projector preferable with an HDMI conection. I will bring my own laptop with me.

If you want a preview, check out my Photo Gallery here.

For availability, fee and travel expenses, please contact me at jansalpines@online.nl


-A Botanical Jeep Tour from Chengdu to Lhasa
Starting in Chengdu (Sichuan) by jeep and travel over 13 high mountain passes to Lhasa (Tibet) over the Tibetan Highway. Places not many plant hunters have visited in the last 50 years. Lots of plants, but also wonderful scenery, places, culture and people.


Plant hunting on the Roof of the World– 
An account of an AGS expedition to locations such as Lhasa, the Tibetan Plateau, and the Kangshung valley, which is very close to Mount Everest; and with new exciting discoveries such as Meconopsis tibetica and many such plants that will grow up to 5350m.


A closer look at the rich alpine flora in Sichuan province
An account of several trips to this very rich province in China.


The best of North-West Yunnan alpines
Spring & autumn flowers, places, and people. A plants men Paradise.


Alpines on Tufa
How to grow plants on tufa with growing techniques and construction information how to build a tufa wall etc.


Growing Alpines in the “hills” of Holland
My own Rock Garden, Alpine House, Tufa Wall, etc. This includes building information and growing techniques. Very informative.


Alpines Down Under
A closer look at Alpines in Australia and Tasmania. An unknown area for many of us, but with a wealth of very attractive (alpine)plants. Next to the high alpines I will show also some other very interesting plants.


High Alpines on the Equator
Many endemic alpines on the Bale Mountains in Ethiopia and on Mount Kenya. Highlights are the giant Lobelias which can reach over 6m! These are areas not often visited by plant hunters.


-In search of the Flower of the Gods
Greece, the main land excluding the Peloponnesus. A cross the North of Greece with Mt. Pangeon, Mt. Falakro, Mt. Kajmaktcalan, Mt. Vermion, the Zagoria area with Mt. Timfi & Mt. Smolikas and Mt. Parnassos. Scenery, people, villages and many plants.


-Socotra, a jewel of Biodiversity in the Middle East-

The island of Socotra is part of an archipelago in the Indian Ocean. It is so isolated that a third of its plant life is found nowhere else on the planet. Notable are the dragon’s blood trees that look like flying saucers perched on trunks. Adenium obesum ssp. socotranum are trees that look like elephants’ legs with pink flowers on top. Birds such as the Socotra starling, Socotra sunbird, and Socotra grosbeak are found nowhere else on Earth. An unexplored treasure on earth.


-Around the World of (alpine)plants in 60-minutes, with Harry Jans-

You will travel to many mountains all over the world in search of special, rare and beautiful (alpine)plants. Many different and extreme forms of plants will we shown. This will give you an idea how plants adapt to certain and habitats. A new lecture which is well received by many plant enthusiasts. (note: the length of the talk can also be 75-90 minutes)


Iran in focus– 

Plants, places and people in and around middle, eastern, and western Iran.


Plant portraits
Your choice which plants you would like (by family?, dwarf shrubs?, species?) Growing instructions for the garden, frame or alpine house. Sometimes a few images at their natural habitat are shown, which is so important to understand what the growing condition should/can be.


-Flowers of the Incas
A botanical tour to the south of Peru with extreme plants like Nototriche, Azorella compacta and Puya raimondii at 4200m with the tallest flower stem in the world. Of couse I will show some of the wellkown Inca treasures like Machu Picchu as well.


-Botanical tour through the South Island of New Zealand-

New Zealand with its Southern Alps and special high alpines like Raoulia eximia and Haastia pulvinaris are amazing. But do not forget the views in Fiordland at the Milford Sound. A large variation of plants in various habitats will be shown.


-Plant hunting along part of the Silk Road in Kyrgyzstan-

In search of various spring flowers along lake Issyk Kul and parts of the Tian Shan.


-Following the trails of the pilgrims to Gosainkunda-

A trek of 10 days to the Gosainkunda lakes at 4380m in Nepal. We will visit various habitats and see many desirable plants like Primula aureata, Primula deuteronana, Meconopsis simplicifolia, Lloydia flavonutans and Polygonatum hookeri to name but a few. Of course a bit of culture will be showed as well.


-Flowers along the Silk Road-

A botanical tour to Uzbekistan & Tajikistan in search of mainly bulbs. With some stunning cities like Samarkand, once the capital city of the Perzian empire. One of the high lights are many Iris near the Afghan border.


-Central Patagonia: steppe, lakes, mountains and volcanos-

I will take you to this part of the world., famous for its unique flora like the rosulate violas, but also with beuatiful lakes, Valdivian temperate forest and high mountains.


-Botanizing in Lesotho, a Kingdom in the Sky-

During this lecture we will enter Lesotho in the North and travel, over unpaved roads deep into some unexplored places in this wonderful country, in search for (alpine) plants like the special Aloe polyphylla, better known as the Spiral Aloe.