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China - Sichuan-Qinghai

Length: 48 min. Type: PAL / NTSC


Covers: Wolong, Balang Shan, Songpan, Huanglong, Jiuzhaigou, Hongyuan, Aba, Shen Shan (Stone Mountain), Zhegu Shan, Min Mountains, etc.

China - Yunnan (Part 1)

Sorry, there is no preview available of this dvd!

Length: 41 min. Type: PAL / NTSC


Covers: Lijiang, Gang Ho Ba, Bai Shui (White Water), 10.000 Camellia Temple, Zhongdian (now Shangri La), Napa Hai, Tianchi Lake, Beta Hai, Hung Shan, Zhongdian plateau, Tibetan Horse Race Festival, etc.

Tibet - The Kangshung Valley

Length: 60 min. Type: PAL / NTSC


Covers: Lhasa, Jokhang Temple, Mi La, Tibetan Highway, Dingri Plain, Kharta, Trekking (10-days), etc.

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